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According to College policy, you may withdraw from the same course twice during your academic career. A letter grade (A-F) will be issued when a previously withdrawn course is repeated for the third time. Students may withdraw from classes starting day 15 of the semester through the 8th week of the semester (for 11 week courses). Check registration packet for withdrawal dates.
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Why are you withdrawing from the listed classes? Please select the one most significant reason for your withdrawal. 

Is this your first semester at Walsh College?
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I authorize Walsh College to withdraw me from the course selections listed above. I understand that there is no tuition refund given for withdrawn courses, I must pay any balance that may be outstanding, and a grade of "W" will appear on my transcript. I also understand that if I have withdrawn from a course twice already, this request will not be processed. I am responsible for understanding how my withdrawal from classes will affect my financial aid status.